The overarching purpose of Michael’s teaching is to help leaders develop the ability to unleash the full potential of their employees while simultaneously achieving organizational alignment. The courses he designs and teaches are based on the principle that students learn best when they have the opportunity to actively participate in their own learning. His courses combine diverse learning modalities - didactic lectures, case-based discussion, and experiential exercises - to create learning experiences that are engaging, motivating, and impactful. 

Collaborative Leadership: Building the Organization of the Future

As the business landscape becomes increasingly dynamic, successful companies are tasked with building their capacity for agility, adaptability, and speed in order to maintain competitive advantage. Business leaders globally are responding by transitioning from hierarchical organizational structures to more flexible, team-centric models that foster collaboration, information sharing, and empowerment.

In this course, which is inspired by Michael's research on novel, non-hierarchical forms of organizing, participants explore the current evolution of organizational design from traditional, command-and-control models to a system of empowered networks—and learn about the opportunities to increase their business performance by introducing principles of collaborative leadership in their teams and organization. Through interactive lectures and engaging group exercises, participants cultivate essential collaborative leadership competencies and gain the conceptual frameworks and actionable tools they need to effectively incorporate these principles in practice.

Designed and taught with Carlo Giardinetti, Michael most recently delivered this course to senior managers and executives through Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education

The next course date is March 4-5, 2019 and will take place in Cambridge, MA. Registration can be found here.


Michael has taught courses in mindfulness to Harvard MBA students and also served as a trainer for the national experiential leadership program, Coro, where he trained participants in group decision-making processes, meeting design and facilitation, and communication skills such as how to give effective feedback and asking effective fact-based questions. Michael also has experience and training in teaching with the case method. 

Michael's courses and teaching have received extremely positive feedback from participants. 100% of participants in the Collaborative Leadership course would recommend the course to colleagues. Sample course feedback:

“It was an amazing mix of presentations, interaction and discussion that kept us engaged throughout.”

“I would love for our entire leadership team to take this course, so that we could all discuss together!”

"Great course to self-reflect and be a better leader and also to bring an innovative, more human approach to organizations. This is a unique program.”

As an instructor, Michael excels at communicating complex ideas in a clear fashion and facilitating interactive discussion. Sample feedback from course participants:

“He had a tremendous depth of knowledge on the subject matter. I love that he had actually conducted some of the research he was presenting! He chose great practical examples, and his delivery of the content was superb.”

“Great presentation skills, showing deep knowledge in the topic, and a great energy to the team. Also, great ability to synthesize discussions.”

“He is both clear and complex at the same. [He is] very good at conveying complex information in a way that is useful for a newbie. He also has great facilitation / teaching skills.”